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Finch magazine is inviting you to be a part of this visual feast. This magazine will provide an array of South African designers and artists with a public face. It is our drive to fervently support young local genius, our desire to showcase creativity in all its glorious forms, and all about artistic freedom...

Finch magazine is a brand new biannual publication which aims to expose and develop the work of unknown creatives. Showcased are those, who through their work are making their mark on south african youth culture across all genres covered: including music, design, visual art, photography, film and fashion. A key function of this magazine is to archive the work of south african underground artists, as well as creating a network for these artists to draw from should they require either skills or conceptual input from one another in order to expand and develop their projects beyond their individual means. Each issue includes a directory with contact details and relevant info on all the featured artists/designers. Finch magazine will bring something fresh and inspirational to the industry and will offer a unique, interactive experience every time it is picked up by the reader, emphasizing visual content within an evolving format, each issue will be an experimentation with paper, print, composition, typeface and cutting techniques.

Our policy: • by submitting work you are implicitly granting us the right to publish it. • our editorial team chooses whether, and which part of your submission we will publish. • once we have accepted your work, we retain full control over how we lay it out and design or illustrate it. We believe in representing our contributors work with respect and integrity, without sacrificing our own creative freedom. • accepted contributors retain copyright of their work (although finch is free to use extracts of published work on any of our marketing material). All submissions must include: • full name of contributors • full contact details for contributors, including telephone numbers, email addresses Websites etc. • biography of contributor optional • abstract of submissions optional • captions/titles of visual work. • all images should have at least a resolution of 300 dpi.


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